Purpose: Why do we exist?

HCPC Living Stones is the English Language Ministry of Hawaii Central Presbyterian Church and we have the goal of being a church that exists for the transformative gospel of Jesus Christ to be made known and beautiful in Manoa and the greater Honolulu area.


Vision: What are we trying to accomplish?

We seek to be a house of worship that welcomes ALL who seek communion with God.

We seek to help lead people unto a saving relationship through the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

We seek to be a church that develops real relationships so that in our seeking, community exists through joy-filled lives and the name of Jesus Christ is glorified.

We seek to witness the transformation and renewal of the community in and around Manoa for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Values: What do we value?

Scriptural faithfulness with a gospel emphasis.

An open invitation and welcome to all peoples to sit at the table of the King.

Diversity of People—Multigenerational/Multiethnic.

Commitment to a Christ-centered Community—Openness and honesty so that the gospel of Jesus Christ is made beautiful.

Regular Confession of sins and dependence on the community existing through the Triune God.